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Micro and small wind turbines – For decentralized energy supply .

MyWindpower specializes in the world-wide distribution of micro and small wind turbines up to a capacity of 10 kW. Our wind turbines are characterised by high efficiency and durability at an affordable price. The turbines are manufactured to provide power both on and off the grid. In addition they can be used to heat the home or office.

MyWindpower only works with experienced and competent suppliers of micro and small wind turbines who have already reached a high stage of production.

We have assembled a first –rate team with excellent industry know-how and insight into the relevant markets. For highest quality we work exclusively with renowned and established companies. In addition to distribution our team examines the legal and regulatory framework for construction and government subsidies.

Our vision:       100 % green electricity from your own roof. – Decentralized and independent of any grid.

Our passion:  To established microwind turbines as a viable green energy source in world markets.

„It is incumbent on us as world citizens to begin to think about growth in new ways. We
can no longer continue with our traditional approach. On the contrary we have to begin
sustainable processes which ensure our prosperity in the long run. Values like security
of supply, quality of life, health and the careful management of non-renewables
resources will play a decisive role on our planet going forward.“

We are on the cusp of an energy revolution with micro and small wind turbines !
Choose your own personal energy supply and use windpower for the most cost-effective renewable energy technology on the market today. At the same time you can make your own contribution to reduce greenhouse gases and help mitigate the damaging effects of global warming on our planet.

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      March 21 - 24, 2013
      New Energy Husum
      Bedeutende Messe im Bereich erneuerbarer Energien
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      April 8 - 12, 2013
      Hannover Messe/Wind 2013
      Hannover, Germany
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      June 3 - 5, 2013
      WWEC 2013
      Habana, Cuba
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