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    Micro and small wind turbines play an important role for off-grid applications. Especially in rural or remote areas small wind turbines can produce electricity without the grid. (OFF-GRID-System).
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    If you are on an electrical grid, the produced electricity can be consumed on site and must not be bought. The excess electricity will be fed into the grid. (ON-GRID-System).
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Benefits of micro and small wind turbines !

Small, quiet and robust

Because of their small size microwind turbines can be integrated anywhere in the immediate environs. Compared to the megawatt turbines they are very quiet and therefore are able to be set up in highly - populated regions. Furthermore microwind turbines are highly durable, assuring a long life up to 25 years.

Decentralized installation

Microwind turbines can be set up nearly anywhere. There are numerous surfaces which can be used to support these devices. Contrary to the big megawatt turbines the overall investment is minimal.

Simple to set up

Microwind turbines can be set up in a few easy steps. These can be installed in places where the megawatt turbines are not able or allowed to be put up .

Saving electricity costs

The use of microwind turbines can significantly reduce electricity costs. The higher the costs of conventional energy the more attractive non conventional solutions like microwind turbines become.

Security of supply

In a hybrid system microwind turbines are a relaible partner. Together with storage units it is possible to guarantee a constant supply of elictricity.

Environmental protection

The use of microwind turbines reduces CO 2 emissions and contributes to a greener world. Microwind turbines are also a symbol for sustainable integration an the immediate environment.