In the right location micro and small wind turbines are a real alternative to the more established solar panels, particularly for companies which consume large amounts of electricity.

Producing own electricity enables a company to cover a significant portion of its energy needs -  independent of the municiple utility.

As the rated capacity of micro and small wind turbines is less efficient than that of the larger or megawatt turbines, we recommend setting up several of these devices.

Lowering energy costs are not the only advantage. The turbines are especially attractive for companies seeking an off-grid, decentralized  solution to their energy requirements.

Whether securing construction sites, lighting streets, putting up security cameras, wind and solar service stations or powering fishing boats on the sea – electricity is provided on-site where it is consumed.

Your company can profit from microwind turbines in the following ways :

  • No green-house gases are produced  .
  • Certain independence from fossil fuels .
  • Government subsidies in many countries help to facilited an investment in micro or small wind turbines .
  • Your company burnishes its environmental image .