The transition from traditional energy forms to renewable energy has implications for the energy-based economy.  In the future more and more private households will be producing their own energy – decentralised and independent of large municiple utilities. Usually – without any regulatory obstruction – the micro and small wind turbines  can be integrated on top of the roof or attached to the side of the house.  Alternatively the turbines can be set up on the top of the mast in an area close to the house.

The generated electricity is consumed immediately, stored or fed into the local grid. The possibility of independent electricity production is also attractive for others, like caravan or boat owners.

In recent times modern technological wind turbines have made a quantum technological  leap forwards. This is especially evident in residential homes where these devices are running virtually without sound.

Moreover because of their light weight the microwind turbines can be placed safely on top of any home.

Already using solar energy ?          If so, microwind turbines would be an ideal complement. Wind blows also during the night and produces electricity when the solar panels are sleeping. In this way it is possible to become energy self-sufficient and thus free from rising municiple-orchestrated energy costs.

In many countries, for example, the USA, Great Britain or Denmark, such an investment is already proving lucrative. For green generated elecricity Japan is presently offering a fixed feed-in tarriff of approximately 51 cents per kW /h  to owners of wind turbines.

With the right location microwind turbines will run efficiently and economically. Your property grows in value. By saving money and helping to protect our environment, the right choice – microwind power – becomes an easy one.