Wind Parks

Up to now micro or small wind parks are a thing of the future but the concept has considerable potential today. Micro and small wind turbines are capable of producing energy even under light breezes. At these locations the development of a small wind park  could be attractive. It is also possible to set up micro or small wind parks in inaccessable areas such as mountain tops or sides. The individual parts of micro wind turbines are small and light weight and for this reason easy to install.

The greatest potential, however, lies in the combination of wind and solar energy, so called hybrid-energy parks. Solar energy is in the mainly generated in the summer months. Wind, on the other hand, blows  during the night as well as on wintry days when the sun rarely shines if at all. Wind energy, therefore, is at your service around the clock. In this way you solve the problem of weather-dependent energy systems, leading to a more cost-effective synergy.

During the next several decades factors other than costs will determine how we generate energy.  In this regard the global depletion of fossil fuels as well as the phase-out of nuclear energy plants within Germany are raising security of supply concerns.  Innovative ideas and the continued optimization of alternative energy sources are called for – for example, wind / solar parks.