MicroWind- Energy for Everybody

For several years there has been a steady increase in the use of wind energy. Wind energy is the leading source of alternative energy in the global market. In contrast to the sun which shines only during the day wind blows day and night non -stop. Up to now we have seen in the main giant megawatt wind turbines standing more than 100 metres tall. These turbines are at once too costly and too big for the private household. At the same time more and more people are looking for alternatives to powering their homes in a cost – efficient way.  Some have already opted for solar energy. Another option would be micro or small wind turbines.

Because of its small rotor diameter and light weight it is possible to put them nearly anywhere.  They are robust, quiet and easy to set up. The rated capacity depending on the manufacturer is up to 10 kW with an average wind of 6 m/s.

Everybody with micro and small wind turbines — regardless of where they are — is able to produce free electricity from renewable sources. The generated electricity can be completely consumed, stored or returned to the grid.  Accordingly you have either an off – grid  or on – grid solution with the option of battery storage.

Micro and small wind turbines are moreover especially suited for energy intensive agricultural and industrial consumers. But also in the Third World, far removed from the grid, these turbines can provide at least a minimum of electricity.

You wish to remain unaffected by rising electricity prices and expansion of the grid?  You aspire to produce your own electricity and are determined to cut your costs?  You would like to green your projects and reduce at the same time greenhouse gases?

Then be inspired by this amazing technology and find your own way to it – with MyWindpower .